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11. -  17. August



The Ultimate Racing Series of the kite sport makes for the first time in the history of Engadinwind stop in Switzerland on Lake Silvaplana. Therefore the world's best kitesurfers travel to the unique seascape in the Engadin.


Notice of Race


"BEST of 3"

The world first - there is a unique comparison of wind-powered boards and boats on the beautiful Lake Silvaplana in the Engadin.

This direct comparison of the best windsurfers, kiters and sailors in this combination the world has never seen, so an absolute novelty and highlight in the history of water sports.

3 - teams
3 - disciplines
3 - of the wolrds best athletes


A team exists of 3-4 athletes of the same sport and must include one lady


The competition consists out of 3 different disciplines:
•    Speed
•    Slalom
•    Racing

Which athletes and which sport is the ultimate winner overall in all disciplines. For a long time this is a question many people bother on the beaches and lakes in the world. We provide an answer to the world's best athletes.

Who is the best on the planet - the windsurfer or kiter or sailors?

The battle of the giants begins on August 16th, 2014 Silvaplana

Here you can find all the BEST of 3 riders